Super Easy Homemade Scrub



Hey, sorry this post’s a little late this week. Its been a busy one, brewing up new ideas for Tune Out Pilates Retreats and we’ve got some really great plans in the pipeline for next year. All will be revealed soon but if you’ve not joined our mailing list then you can subscribe here  and you’ll be first to know. Plus in other exciting news this week, our January retreat in Arundel is now fully booked. Wow, you organised people! We’re really chuffed and our May retreat is now open to book for anyone that’s missed out. Thanks so much…

Anyway onto today’s post. You only have to search ‘body scrub’ on Pinterest to see how popular this stuff is to make and that’s why we love it – its unbelievably easy, its inexpensive, plus you get total control of what goes in to your skin and body. These body scrubs make great gifts (everyone loves a bit of homemade right?) but of course they are lovely to treat yourself.  So here goes…

1. First choose your packaging. We tend to opt for the sturdy Ikea jars. They look great and don’t break the bank balance but you could also use any other tin, tub or glass jars you have lying around.sugarscrub

2. Choose your base oil. Choose skin friendly oils like coconut, jojoba or sweet almond (our favourite). You can play around with quantities but we usually use roughly equal parts of oil and exfoliator.

3. Choose your exfoliator. We love using plain sugar but you can also use demerara, sea salt, baking soda and even oatmeal! Mix both together in a large bowl. oils


4. Choose your scent. How do you want to feel? Relaxed? Energised?  Check out this comprehensive list of oil uses but a great combo is simply lavender and peppermint, relaxing yet refreshing.

5. Play around. Try adding raw honey, coffee grounds, dried herbs and zest, anything goes really!

Enjoy and if you do make some we’d love to here about them  @tuneoutpilates




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