Tune in Tune out. You choose…


Starting this blog has been a long time coming. I’ve ummed and ahhed over it for literally ages and written it and re written it several times, and Katherine will confirm this!

And although we have tons of stuff we want to share with you, starting something new can always be a little scary, right? First of all, it’s the whole exposure thing. Us saying here it is/I am, hope you like it/me..(eek!)

This is also known as stepping outside your comfort zone.

Honestly, we rather like being inside our comfort zone, nice and simple, always familiar but where’s the fun in that? Also apparently ‘great things never came from comfort zones…”

The funny thing is we see people stepping out their comfort zones all the time. For some of our ‘retreaters’ making the decision to come on a retreat can be a pretty big step. For others it may seem like the most perfectly normal (and wonderful) thing to do but for everyone that comes along on one of our retreats the best bit for us (and them) is seeing/feeling the layers of tension and stress fall away as they move through the weekend.

Our goal, is to guide you through the tuning out process, offering up a whole load of stuff along the way to help and hopefully inspire, and there you have it. That’s what this blog is all about. We’re not claiming to be experts or gurus but we do have a lot of stuff we’d love to share with you. On Pilates, making stuff, the outdoors, food and oh yeah, cake!

So here goes. We hope you enjoy reading our future blogs but first just a little taster to whet your appetite…



1. CREATE. When sitting down with my 2-year-old daughter to do some colouring (or “skwiggles”) I noticed how therapeutic it was to colour in, then a little later I noticed a shop selling adult colouring in books. What a great idea (especially for those of us who are rubbish at drawing!) I did a bit of research and turns out it IS therapeutic and super relaxing. Give it a try…

2. BREATHE.  So underrated! Find yourself in a stressful situation. First thing in the morning. Last thing at night. Whenever you need it – it’s there, completely free of charge.

So try this – sit still. Close your eyes. Breath in through your nose. Feel your lungs full. Exhale through the mouth. Feel and enjoy the chest softening. Repeat 5 times. Voila.

3. SOMETHING NEW. You know life really can be pretty short. You never know what’s around the corner and if there’s something you’ve been longing to do for a while just do it. Make the call, send the email, book the spot and go. Who knows what it will throw up.



We’d love to see your pics of you taking time to TUNEOUT.

Post them to Instagram with #tuneoutretreats and @tuneoutpilates to win one of our signature tuneout goodie bags.

Complete with super handy canvas tote, all natural and homemade products including, scrubs, balms, candle and eye mask. (Winner picked end of July ’15)


4 thoughts on “Tune in Tune out. You choose…

  1. Great blog post Laura, it’s working! Perfect tone and pitch 🙂

    Tracey Rich PhD, BSc(Hons) 01672 569348 / 07769 580148

    Sent from Tracey’s iPhone.



  2. In a world that moves so fast it can be so hard to sit still sometimes. Great tips to enable us to “step off” for a moment…..xxx


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